King Trivia Pub Quiz &
Bar Trivia Night
- Talk Nerdy To Me -

Thousands of people put their pride on the line and compete every week to win beer! These are people just like YOU! Upstanding citizens by day, beer-soaked Know-it-Alls by night.

Think you have what it takes? Think you can compete?Prove it!Bring along some friends and experience King Trivia for yourself.

Experience King Trivia nationwide. Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, New York, Boston, Orange County, San Diego, Ventura, Inland Empire. See you all at the show.

Themed Event: Friends Quiz!

Tonights Events


8:30 PM in Northridge

Dude and Dan's Bar and Grill

6:30 PM in Steamboat Springs

Timeless Pints Brewing Co.

6:30 PM in Lakewood

The Lion & Crown - Allen

7:30 PM in Allen

The Dudes' Brewing Co.

8 PM in Torrance


7 PM in Redlands

Johnny Rebs' - Bellflower

7 PM in Bellflower

Rok House Brewing Company

7 PM in Upland

Charlie's Stars & Stripes

7 PM in Upland

Alosta Brewing Co.

7 PM in Covina

The Famous Bar

8 PM in Glendale

The Lion & Crown

7:30 PM in Addison

Moore's Delicatessen

7 PM in Burbank

Busby's East

8 PM in Los Angeles

Barney's Beanery - Pasadena

8 PM in Pasadena

The Pitcher House

8:30 PM in Redondo Beach

Stadium Tavern

8 PM in Fullerton

New Locations

Buffalo Wild Wings

Wednesday at 7 PM in Torrance


Thursday at 8:30 PM in Northridge

Pineapple Hill Saloon (Wednesday)

Wednesday at 8 PM in Van Nuys

Sanctum Brewing Co

Wednesday at 7 PM in Pomona

Hyperion Public - Studio City

Monday at 9 PM in Studio City