King Trivia Pub Quiz &
Bar Trivia Night
- Talk Nerdy To Me -

Thousands of people put their pride on the line and compete every week to win beer! These are people just like YOU! Upstanding citizens by day, beer-soaked Know-it-Alls by night.

Think you have what it takes? Think you can compete?Prove it!Bring along some friends and experience King Trivia for yourself.

Experience King Trivia nationwide. Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, New York, Boston, Orange County, San Diego, Ventura, Inland Empire. See you all at the show.

Themed Event: Rocky Horror Quiz!

Tonights Events

Little Bar

8 PM in Los Angeles

New Locations


Wednesday at 9 PM in Los Angeles

Rivalry Sports Bar & Grill

Wednesday at 6 PM in Los Angeles

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery

Tuesday at 9 PM in Long Beach

Murphy's Pub  

Tuesday at 7:30 PM in Seattle

Buffalo Wild Wings

Wednesday at 7 PM in Torrance