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Season 7 of League Play is here and it will culminate in the biggest event of the year:

The King Trivia® Tournament of Champions

The Tournament of Champions pits the top teams against each other in a quiz fight to the death! And by “to the death” we really mean “to the cash”, because this year we’re raising the prize pot to $10,000.  This is more than a pub quiz. It is the ultimate Pub Quiz Battle Royale! It will be crazier than a fight between Abraham Lincoln and Walter White. It will be more explosive than Chuck Norris versus the 10th Doctor. It will be more world-shattering than Galactus against Dumbledore!

To get in on the fun, sign up your team and be sure to write your team number on your answer sheet at every game you play.

The higher you place at each game in League Play, the higher your rank will be going into the Buzzer Battle! League Play runs for 21 weeks, and your top 18 scores make up your League Score. Play as many times as you like, even multiple times a week. Have a bad night? Not to worry. Your lowest scores drop off and will not affect your rankings. View your scores, rank, and Team Beat Average on both the venues page and the rankings page.

  • How do I register my team and get a team number?

When you create your team online you will receive a team number.  At each game, write your team number on your answer sheets and the Quizmaster will log your scores online.

  • Did my old team number transfer over to the new website?

Old team numbers were not transferred over to the new website and will not work in this new season of league play.  For your scores to be logged you will need to get a new team number by creating a new team.  Yes, you can still use your old team name but you will need to use your new team number.

  • Can my team play multiple times in one night?


  • Can I still play at my regular weekly show without registering for the tournament?

Yes you can, but you might lose our respect.

In the Buzzer Battle, ranked teams will face off in an elimination match to determine who will sit at The King’s Table, and get a guaranteed cut of $10,000. The higher your rank in League Play, the fewer teams you have to beat in The Buzzer Battle, which will take place immediately prior to The Tournament of Champions.

  • Will I need to purchase a ticket to compete in the Buzzer Battle?

Your Tournament of Champions ticket will be used for both the Buzzer Battle and the TOC.  They will take place at the same event.

Your goal: Beat The King’s Table, to steal as much of the $10,000 as you can. The prize money is theirs to lose. Any team that defeats The King’s Table splits the $10,000 prize with them.

  • Do I need to “qualify” for the Tournament of Champions?

No you don’t need to qualify to attend the TOC.  All you need to do is purchase a ticket!

  • If I don’t need to qualify for the Tournament of Champions, what is the point of League Play?

Your rank in League Play will determine how many teams you need to face off against in the Buzzer Battle that will take place at the Tournament of Champions.  The winner of the Buzzer Battle will sit at the Kings Table and is guaranteed a cut of the $10,000 prize.  If the winner of the Buzzer Battle takes first place at the TOC, they keep the entire $10,000 prize.  If they don’t come in first place, they will split the prize with every team that places above them at the TOC.

The higher you rank in The League, the fewer teams you will face off against in The Buzzer Battle, and the closer you are to siting at the coveted Kings Table.

  • Where and when can I buy tickets to the Tournament of Champions?

A big announcement will be made when tickets go on sale.  Sit tight and wait for the news.

Additional Questions Answered


  • How many players can be on my team?

At our regular weekly games the official rule on team size is as follows.  You may have as many people on your team until other teams start to bitch and moan at the Quizmaster.  At that point, at the Quizmaster’s own discretion, he or she may choose to split you up and institute a team size limit for the night.

At the Tournament of Champions team sizes will be limited to 6 people.  It is a good size number that will actually fit at the tables and besides, do you really want to split that cash prize 15 ways?

  • Are there any other rules for league Play?

Yes, there are two primary rules that exist for King Trivia’s® League Play:

  1. “Have fun” is a simple rule. Have a good time. Imagine you are playing King Trivia® on a tropical island while sitting under a palm tree sipping a pina colada. Enough said.
  2. “Don’t be lame” is a little more complex. Here are a few of the infinite number of examples of being lame:

Playing a 7 pm game then running to another bar to play the exact same questions at 9 pm is extremely lame. Challenging the Quizmaster is “having fun.” Harassing the Quizmaster is inherently lame. Cheating is lame. Remember that regular game rules apply. No shouting out answers – No outside sources such as phones or the internet – The Quizmaster’s rulings are final.

Breaking the rules can have grave consequences and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

  • What if my score is incorrect on the website?

Every once in a while, little things slip through the cracks, but not often. Report the indiscretion right away if you see an error in your team’s rankings and we’ll work to get to the bottom of it.

  • I only go to drink & pick up dudes/chicks. I have no chance of actually winning at the Tournament of Champions. Why should I register my team?

Because you can post a dirty team name on our website.

So that you can brag to all your friends that you are in a drinking trivia league.

Because chicks dig it. And so do dudes.

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