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21202-21298 Pacific Coast Hwy
Huntington Beach CA 92648
(310) 974-1805
  • Thursdays @ 7:30pm
About The Dudes' Brewing Co. - Huntington Beach

What could be better than surfing at Huntington Beach?  Grabbing a pint of any of the 24 Dudes’ Brews on tap in our new tasting room in Pacific City before you start your session, that’s what!  Not sure what to choose from?  Sample beer flights and half-pints while enjoying sports on TV or casual conversation in the tasting room’s laid-back atmosphere.


Need to pair your Dudes’ with something to eat? Feel free to partake in any of the snacks we have, bring in your own food, or buy something from the variety of restaurants in LOT 579.


Remember to purchase growlers, crowlers, or 4-packs for when you have to go.



Thu Sep 21 2017
| by Quizmaster Robin Shorter

A tight race all the way to the finish line! Holy moley! The beer was flowing and so was the knowledge! What so great night for everyone!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Get schwifty 44 5 1.000
2 Cavenee clan 38 4 0.800
3 11960 37 3 0.600
4 We shall overcomb 35 2 0.400
5 11598 Grumpy Catz 29 1 0.200
6 Fire fighting super models 4 0 0.000


Thu Sep 14 2017
| by Quizmaster Kara Guyer

Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy Joy!! Ren and Stimpy. The greatest of cartoons

That has nothing to do with Trivia, but I guess you could say people felt pretty good while playing King's Trivia at the Dude's on Thursday!

While it is getting consecutively more crowded our regulars have a hard time getting dethroned! Though Hidalgo on Ice took an early lead by doubling down in round 2, the champs returned with a come from behind victory. This night was made especially cool because one of our Highway stars players almost missed the birth of her grandson to be there! Hope your daughter forgives you!

If that does not tell you this game is legit well, I don't know what to tell you.

Come and find us at the best spot in Pacific City for good beer and a great time!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 12170 Highway Stars 36 6 1.000
2 Hidalgo on Ice 34 5 0.833
3 Barack you like a Hurricane 30 3 0.583
3 Off the Grid 30 3 0.583
5 3 Blonde's and and Stout 28 2 0.333
6 Smarter than a 5th grader 25 1 0.167
7 Sunburned Mangoes 16 0 0.000


Thu Sep 7 2017
| by Quizmaster Kara Guyer

Thursday night football was no match for the game we held at The Dude's brewery in HB! We were the life of the party at Pacific City, with the best tunes and questions of any bar around. Highlight of the night was when just about every team burst into song when "Bohemian Rhapsody" played! Our regulars Highway Stars and Evaporated Jellyfish went head to head with the jellies taking the W. Who will win next week? Come through and find out!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Evaporated Jellyfish 50 4 1.000
2 12170 Highway Stars 42 3 0.750
3 Brady Bunch 36 2 0.500
4 Krombopulous Michael 34 1 0.250
5 Das Bibbles 22 0 0.000
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